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Love your kitchen.

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Chicken Bread

Chicken Bread ( <- Link to video) *In the above video, it states that you need 2 cups of dried milk, however that is incorrect. Only 1...

Personal Classes

I'm Anabela and I have a passion for teaching others how to cook and bake. Because of that, I came up with this idea of personal classes....

Aulas Particulares

Olá eu sou a Anabela e a minha paixão e ensinar a cozinhar. Posso ajudar com receitas portuguesas e de outros países, mas sempre com um...

Fried Rice!

Fried Rice ( <- Link to video) Ingredients: 1 Chicken breast Half of a lemon Butter (1 tbsp.) Olive Oil (3 tbsp.) 4 cups of white rice 2...

Pastel De Nata!

The following is a link to my husband's YouTube video on how to make Pastel De Data: Pastel De Nata ( <- Link to video) Ingredients for...


Serradura Video ( <- Link to video) Ingredients: 3 egg whites 2 cups heavy whipping cream 1 packet of Maria biscuits (blended to dust)...

Shrimp Curry

Shrimp Curry ( <- Link to video) If you are allergic to shrimp and would like to try this recipe, I will guide you with your choice. Can...

Homemade French Fries!

A simple video on how to make French Fries. French Fries ( <- Link to video) Ingredients: Vegetable Oil Potatoes Salt

Homemade Bread!

This is a Portuguese-style bread recipe that can be used in many different ways. You can add things to it such as Portuguese Chourico or...

Sweet Bread Rolls

Sweet Bread Rolls Video ( <- Link to video) We will need a mixer to do this bread, very important! It’s hard to do it only with your...

Orange Sponge Cake

The following is a link to videos on how to make a traditional Portuguese cake called Pao de Ló, or Orange Sponge Cake. Orange Cake Video...

Welcome to Cooking With Bela!

I am Anabela and I do free online Zoom classes to help people that know little to nothing when it comes to the kitchen. If you want to...

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Available in Portuguese and English!


I'm Anabela and I have a passion for teaching others how to cook and bake. Because of that, I came up with this idea of personal classes. I can teach you your Portuguese favorites and other cultural food. I have some ideas ready for you, but if you have a specific idea, you are welcome to email me. 
I believe everyone can cook.
There is nothing more beautiful to me than a happy family sitting together around the table.
I know you can learn to master the kitchen with love and share your new found talents with your friends and family.

Click on the button below to email me and book your first class!

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